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TrueAccord has pioneered a new way of helping consumers deal with debt while safeguarding their credit scores.

Using ML models to understand they consumers better, they remove the need for aggressive debt collectors completely, and work with consumers to cure their late debts with customized payment plans. TrueAccord has already helped over 11M consumers deal with late debt!

They’re a team of 40 full-time engineers, mostly in the SF Bay Area with a few scattered around the country. And they have seven open software engineer positions!

Their top values: 
Being innovative | Achievement orientation | Sharing information freely | Being people oriented | Taking individual responsibility | Opportunities for professional growth

Their tech stack:
AngularJS | Node.js | ReactJS | Scala | Java | Tensorflow | Spark | Jupyter | Kotlin | React Native

Learn more about their engineering team, CTO, tech stack, and culture.


LiveRamp makes it easy and safe to use marketing data anywhere. Their Pixel Serving engineering team is hiring! 

About the team:
Our customers rely on us to leverage the breadth of information we know in order to reach their users on various platforms. We are the team in charge of processing user data in real time, whether it be ingesting users identifiers or other information, processing it in real time, and delivering some identity matches back to our customers. Real time is our core, and we are processing as many identifier types as possible.

Their top values: 
Low conflict | Taking individual responsibility | Being reflective | Being team oriented | Being results oriented | An emphasis on quality

Their tech stack:
C | Go | Java | Ruby | Python

Learn more about pixel serving engineering team, their team leader, tech stack, and culture.


Mercury is building banking for startups.

Mercury makes bank accounts that help tech companies scale. We want to power the next generation of companies that will shape the American industry. There are 13 engineers on the engineering team. Some of them are based in our headquarters in San Francisco and others work remotely.

Their top values: 
An emphasis on quality | Low conflict | Stability | Being calm | Taking individual responsibility | Collaboration

Their tech stack:
Kotlin | Haskell | React | Redux | TypeScript | Swift | Yesod

Learn more about their engineering team, CTO, tech stack, and culture.

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