Customer Case Study: TrueAccord Engineering Team

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.

I am Gene Linetsky, TrueAccord’s CTO.

TrueAccord has pioneered a new way of helping consumers deal with debt while safeguarding their credit scores.

Using machine learning models to understand our consumers better, we remove the need for aggressive debt collectors completely and work with consumers to cure their late debts with customized payment plans. TrueAccord has already helped over 133 million consumers deal with late debt, recovering higher amounts, and faster, than traditional debt collectors.

Please tell us a little bit about your engineering team.

We are a team of 50 full-time engineers, mostly in the SF Bay Area with many working remotely from other states in the US.

What challenge or problem were you trying to solve?

We needed to rapidly scale our engineering team and hire 11 software and data engineers.

Hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area is always a challenge as you’re competing against the best VC-funded startups and established tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others.

Why have you decided to use A Happy Job?

We liked the fact that the platform is focused entirely on software engineers and that it allows engineering leaders to showcase their teams that are doing great work but might not be as widely known yet.

The emphasis on team culture and alignment between individual career goals and team’s expectations was also important as we needed to hire people who would share our values and working styles and stay with the company long-term.

How have you used A Happy Job?

My team has collaborated internally in a shared Google Doc in order to come up with the best and most descriptive presentation of our team. We then created our page based on this information. The process was quick and we’ve received near-instant support when we needed it.

After our page went live on A Happy Job, we’ve made sure to announce this across our social media — on Linkedin, Twitter, and other channels.

But we haven’t stopped there. We have also linked to A Happy Job from TrueAccord job descriptions posted on our job board. This allowed us to be more transparent about our engineering team’s mission, set-up, tech stack, culture, and working styles. This in turn helped us build trust with job applicants — a few of them mentioned that information found on A Happy Job gave them more confidence to apply.

What results have you seen and what has helped you achieve your goals?

After using A Happy Job for three months, we have reached our 2020 hiring targets half a year early.

We have closed all our positions and the team is fully formed now.

In terms of metrics, here is what we have seen:

  • The number of applications per month (March — June): 120
  • The job offer acceptance rate: 70%

We haven’t actively used any other team marketing or recruiting tools. The only other way to get any responses from potential candidates was for me, the CTO, to personally send them messages on LinkedIn. But even that hasn’t yielded predictable results.

A few other things helped. We’ve been actively hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic in the late spring and early summer of 2020. So there were more people on the market who had been previously laid off by other companies.

All these factors together led to more inbound interest and a greater top of the funnel. So we’ve focused on effectively screening the candidates and finding the best ones among our applicants.

We’ve also used A Happy Job and our own channels to clearly communicate that we are a remote-first company. Since many engineers were looking for this type of team on A Happy Job platform and elsewhere, being upfront about this helped us attract the right type of people and convert them.

Eventually, this strategy has worked for us and we can now shift from recruiting to building the product.

Would you use A Happy Job again and would you recommend it?

Yes, we would definitely use the product again if we needed to hire more engineers next year.

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